Top Reasons Why People Donate
It's never easy getting people to shell out money for no benefit in return. On the other hand, online fundraising and the speed at which it is growing has proved just the opposite. Here at Impact Guru, we've had numerous people make donations to personal and non-personal causes which might not have anything to do with their cause. This proves that empathy, compassion, and the community, are at the core of all philanthropic endeavors. It's important to note that charity is no longer done in the same way it is used to. There are fewer philanthropists who write big cheques to a single cause. With technology being a factor this is a much more nuanced approach nowadays. It's essential that charities and other crowdfunding India campaigners are in tune with the mindset of the younger generation and their relationship with charities. In this article We'd like to talk about some of the top reason why people make donations to your cause. You can then apply certain methods to the crowdfunding India campaign in order to attract donors to your cause. A greater cause As we discussed earlier, people today have a different relation to social justice. While they may not be involved in writing huge cheques, they surely want to be engaged in activities that have long-term benefits for society. For instance, today's youth are more conscious about the usage of plastic bags and a lot people are encouraging giving it up. This shows that they care to be part of the bigger image of social responsibility. Nonprofits must apply the same thinking process to make people more interested in their cause. Visit:- Heavy R Incentives and competitions Nonprofits should encourage an environment of competition to motivate younger generations to contribute. Offering tangible rewards such as the opportunity to receive free samples, merchandise and invitations to events can be effective in motivating people. Another excellent thing to remember for millennials is to be recognized for their generosity through an announcement on social media. Tax exemptions Everyone is always looking for ways to lessen their tax burdens, and making donations to charitable causes is the most noble way to do it. Most NGOs and crowdfunding platforms give their patrons the chance to avail a tax exemption certificate under section80G when they make a donation to a verified NGO. Whether they donate to medical causes, for environmental protection, education or for any other reason, it is an incentive to them to mix charity and tax-saving. Corporate influence Employees are greatly influenced by the charitable habits that their colleagues and their friends. According to a report from 2015 Millennial Impact report, 46% would be more likely to make a donation even if a friend was doing it, and 27% would make a donation even if a senior employee in the company suggested the idea. In reality, 11% have opted to take donations out of their paychecks itself. And 30% have been seen to donate via online platforms, such as Impact Guru. To encourage an increase in crowdfunding for sustainability of finances We hope that this piece can help you understand how charities function in this day an age.

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