Innovative Mindset in Society Is America Losing the Edge in Innovation?
Are America losing its edge in the field of innovation? What could be the reason? What went wrong? What went wrong? Could it be that we've altered our educational system and society in a manner that has less incentive for the innovators? This would be a grave error because our national identity is based on the "can-do attitude'. Let's talk about this briefly, and let me know whether you agree with me. Are we losing the ability to think imaginatively and solve problems in a creative way? I think so. Also, we are losing our self-reliance and no longer need to tackle issues - all problems are already solved. There is no need to think about it about it, just search the solution on Google. There is now no accountability or integrity in copying ideas from others and plagiarism to create new ideas. For more detail please visit>>> Let me be clear, I'm not Luddite I'm not a luddite, and I don't reside in a cave. I am aware of the creativity out there. It's only that I'm seeing an endless stream of imitation and only a few shining examples of innovation to compare. Everybody is busy interacting, liking and forwarding - searching online for the latest viral highlights ideas rather than creating innovative ideas of their own. Perhaps that immediate gratification of a dopamine rush is just as satisfying as that "Ah-Ha Moment" when you solve a problem , or when the lightbulb of creativity ring in your brain? There is an overwhelming desire among the members in our community to become innovative and ingenuous, just as businesses recognize that there is a significant benefit to having a strong Research and Development Department and keeping an edge in their industry. Maybe that's the reason everyone and their relative proclaims to be an Innovation Expert Consultant. It's hilarious how many of these "innovation coaches' claim to teach us to be innovative but I'm tempted to ask how many of them are original in their thinking themselves. Are we in yet another instance of'those who cannot teach'. Being an innovator I am amazed at the things that are deemed innovative or creative in the present day. We all have freedom of expression in America and everyone is entitled to claim themselves as an innovator whenever they want without any evidence or proof of innovation or creativity however that doesn't mean it true. It is not a good idea perpetuating this falsehood, we are only harming ourselves, and we can't fix the issue until we confront the truth and the issue here. Are you seeing it too? What can we do? Consider all of this and consider it.

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