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This Article is Not Just About Marketing, I offer 7 tips on How to Use Article Marketing to promote your business Here's a Marketing Article suggestion for hungry internet people and gals ......... Write a few articles about what you enjoy or are passionate about! What do your family and friends say they like about you? If you're not a fan of write, why not employ someone else to write your article or follow my example and rewrite articles that have already been written and add your own personal twist on it. !!!! I'm not a writer but If I can save myself money, that's what I'll do since I'd prefer to spend 30 minutes writing an article knowing that it's unique and the quality of the content is good, than to pay, and not now when it's already been used and has been used before! This is just a small tip from me prior to getting going with this article. 1.) Make Your Business More Profitable With Articles My friend, article marketing is an online venture that is primarily used by individuals like you and me, however it is also utilized by online businesses to advertise all sorts of goods. To make the most of articles marketing, associates would create articles for their own websites or blogs, and then submit these articles to directories of article content and have published their articles on different websites. Social Media & Bookmarking sites. Affiliates of businesses promote their products on the internet using a variety of marketing channels , but I've fallen in love with writing articles since the reason people go online to learn to market their products and earn money. If your article is well-written and has good content , when people find it and they click on it, that's backlinks to your websites or blogs!!! People love reading and that's the reason I write articles and videos. I'm not going to go into video on this post however I'll say that if you write an article, no matter what you write, create videos as well. ..... Hint, Hint!!!! ! For more detail please visit>>> 2.) Use Articles To Get Traffic We all know what a great article can do, and sure enough, traffic. !!!!! However, not all traffic is good as we now be aware. In this instance we must focus on our readers, and not trying to make yourself appear naive. One of the main objectives of article marketing is to increase your website's visitors so that you can increase sales or prospects however, that doesn't mean your articles you write ought to be anything more than an enormous sales page. Actually, you will not generate any traffic if your article is poorly written and your traffic won't do much good if your audience isn't able to make use of the information you offer. You must provide the readers with what they want , which could be an answer to their problem or assist them in their most difficult time It's a must! This is my suggestion to you in the event that you're trying to make your articles perform for your. Keep writing them, without looking to make any profits from it. You should also put them in as many different places as you can!! The more you can, the better! ....... 3.) Articles equal SEO Let's say, for instance, that your blogs or websites have fresh, unique content They are more likely to rank at the top of search engine results. Did I not mention the entire "from the keyword" traffic generated by search engines. If you approach it in correctly it is an extremely efficient method to create links to your BLOG website, and also to ensure that visitors are coming to your site every day in a way that is automatic. After that, you'll begin creating an online presence on the internet It is important to have a great headline! A good headline will determine the success of your post online, and also if it is shared by other people and becomes viral. Therefore, it's essential to include a catchy title since it's the engine of your post and it's what is driving it, so be aware of this when writing articles to SEO. 4.) Articles and Blogs Every article I've written and published on articles sites I then post the articles on my blog too. I also create a Squidoo Lens about the same article. It wouldn't hurt to make a podcast about it as well. There are a myriad of ways to get the word out about your piece and blogging is among my favorite options because it gets feedback and allows you to get back in touch with your readers. ....I can also create an article on Hubpages too. 5.) Niches About Marketing Whatever your field of expertise is, you must be prepared to write articles in the niche, unless it's an industry area. I prefer to focus on keywords you want to rank for within your field, therefore when you write articles that targeted keywords, you will rank among the first 10 search results of these keywords. Let's say you create high-quality articles and you'll become an authority in your field or field based on the method you conduct your research and the amount of effort you are willing to put in. 6.) Article Directories When you've written your articles, you can and send them to e-zines as well as other directories for articles. Each directory that has published your piece, you will receive an additional boost in terms of traffic and authority for your websites. This is the reason why you be required to submit your article to various directories for articles. The more you post your articles to various websites, the more backlinks you will get that link back to your site. This is called article marketing, and is the way to establish yourself online and get people at you for info on your subject. 7.) Use Videos As Articles This is the power of articles You can make your own video! You can create videos on the same topic the article was about, and then, in a short form, the entire article in the form of a video. There will be people who aren't interested in reading but who will be watching your video, therefore it's a good idea to make an accompanying video that gives you greater leverage over that one article as you are able to distribute the video to various video sharing websites and make those videos link back to your websites. Simply put your site's URLs on all the video sharing websites that you upload your videos to and you'll get a lot of juice from this way It's easy! It's very simple to accomplish! ! Conclusion It's my method of thanking you for taking the time to read this article I wrote. to summarize it all I'd like to add that marketing through articles is a powerful tool and for the person or people who are just beginning to get into the field, my suggestion would be to implement what you've learned as soon as possible. Create a short video of the lessons you've learned and join forums, introduce yourself , and then invite other experts to take a review the work you create. I'm always learning and reading about marketing to improve my knowledge and help others improve theirs too. Always be prepared to keep learning new things every day to improve your knowledge in your business or field.

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